Kim Loe


I'm Kim, 34 and originally from the UK. For the past five years I've been based in Bangkok freelancing as a blogger, article writer and copywriter, writing on a variety of topics, from health and beauty to sports, education, film, comedy and global travel.

Previous to my time in Bangkok I worked as a screenwriter, playwright and comedian, writing professionally for the stage and screen, and experimenting with stand up and sketch comedy at a number of venues in London and Cambridge (UK). My passion for story-telling is still strong and I would love to get a few more fiction projects off the ground here in Thailand, and seek fellow creatives with whom to share ideas and start up new productions.

In addition to my writing and performing work I consider myself to be an ideas man. Yes, it sounds a little naff and pretentious, but I am experienced and confident working with a blank page. I have worked with start ups at the ideas stage and helped with concept and product definition, as well as contributing with design and wire-framing work. I thrive in creative environments, working closely with like-minded individuals where we can bounce ideas and marry creation and ambition with realistic end product.

I'm currently looking for a cartoonist to work with in Thailand. I have a number of story ideas for graphic novels I'm very keen to work on and I'd love to find someone ambitious, artistically talented and unique, to explore story and character ideas and make something happen.


  • Article Writing
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Screenwriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Creative Writing